Brandon and Alyssa are the founders of Moonflower Weddings.  They met in film school, fell in love and have been best friends and business partners ever since.  Their shared passion for film is what launched their first company - Sleepless Pictures. Sleepless focuses primarily on producing music videos, commercials and films.
While kicking off Sleepless Pictures, they filmed and edited over 100 weddings for a wedding cinematography company outside of Philadelphia.  After years of shooting and editing weddings for other companies, they decided it was only fitting to start their own company that focused entirely on wedding cinematography. 


 “We have always had a niche for weddings, so we

decided to make it a regular thing!”   



Is to capture the true emotions and energy of the day, while being as unobtrusive as possible. We’re all about fun, love, and laughter - a wedding day only happens once and we want to be there to capture the memories in the most beautiful way. 



BRANDON RIPLEY Cinematographer | Editor

Cinematographer | Editor

Brandon is a New York City based Cinematographer with an eye for creating strong visuals through his technical and artistic process. His passion for film-making and skill allow him to create powerful works of art.

Brandon has shot feature films, commercials, fashion, music videos, and television.

"I Love binge watching television shows on netflix, and oreos. I don't like cold weather, or spoiler alerts."

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ALYSSA ACHUFF Studio Manager | Cinematographer | Editor

Studio Manager | Cinematographer | Editor

Alyssa has spent most of her career in producing and production management positions for tv and web marketing campaigns. Along with co-owning Moonflower, she also runs and operates a film production company. 

"I love coffee, Cats, reading on the beach and game of thrones. I don't like spiders, RUNNING, or FOLDING BED SHEETS."    

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